My poor child had wanted a goldfish for the longest time and we finally got him one…and another, and another.

No matter how I try I can’t keep one of those blighters alive! Let me tell you, I bought bigger and bigger tanks,(we have a 29 gallon right now!) sophisticated filtration systems, pretty real plants, apple snails to eat all the bad stuff, you name it, I’ve purchased it.

Once again this past weekend another fish went to heaven via the toilet.

In fact my 5 year old is so emotionally removed because of all the toilet-flush deaths he’s seen, he quite looks forward to the process! (Im sure this will mean a huge therapist bill for me in the years to come).

He smiles and waves and presses the button and says “bye fitty, see you in heaven!” and then asks if we can go get our new fitty. (our fish are always black and called “fitty” for 50cent – go figure)

At this point my husband just wanted me to be done with the whole process.

I disagree as our son really take pleasure in the fish. Finally in a fit of exasperation he asked me if I could at least start buying the fish from Petsmart instead of the local aquarium place.

“Why?” I asked

“So you can at least use that punch card and save us some money.”

“What punch card?” I ask (more confused as the conversation is progressing)

“the one on your keyring”

“its my membership card, for sales and promotions”I say

“dont they have a card, you know like subway – where you purchase 10 and get the 11th free?”

for fish?” (I yell)

“its goldfish! People kill them all the time, its a common issue, surely they have some system where if you are purchasing loyally from them they reward you with a free fish every now and then?”

I called him sick among other choice words at this point, and we ended the conversation.

Its now Thursday and we still haven’t bought a new “fitty”, and the 5 year old hasn’t asked.

2 thoughts on “Fish

  1. I’m very confident that I’m not supposed to laugh at this post, but I did… I hope that didn’t offend you! 😦

    I’m not laughing at your son by any means, but totally at your interaction with your husband.

    Thanks for making my night!!!!


  2. My husband will appreciate the support! No, Of course I saw the humor in it also, or I wouldn’t have posted…but really, punch cards? Men!


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