Practical Love

I have been working my butt off to get our home ready for the 5 year old birthday party tomorrow. Its 11:02pm and I have FINALLY sat down on the couch (where, incidentally hubby has been for the past 5 hours)!

As I got comfortable and reached for my glass of red I noticed….oh no! I had left it on the kitchen counter. It was right there in full view of where I was sitting, beckoning me. What’s a girl to do?

So I was just about to take the plunge and ask hubby he could possibly get up and get it for me, but before I could say it my lightening-quick-female-intuition kicked in, and instead I said…

“Oh, I bought you some of that chocolate covered trail mix with the kick of cayenne pepper that you like so much. I saw them today at target and because you have had such a crappy week I wanted to get them for you.”

He looked at me with that look that men get when they look at Jessica Simpson….somewhere between overwhelming awe that a real person can look that good, and pure lust.

As he got up to get them I asked ever so sweetly; “Oh honey, could you bring me back my glass of wine that I left on the counter while you are over there?”

Not only did he bring it with an attitude of pure delight, he placed it on the coffee table and when he realized I couldn’t reach it while on my computer, he offered to pull another table over closer to me for my convenience.

That, my dear friends, is true practical love.

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