The Rumpus Room

My hubby and I  were looking at homes for sale in Australia online the other day in preparation for our move and I said; “Oh look! This one has a rumpus room”!

RUMPUS ROOM?” he says, “what goes on in the RUMPUS ROOM?” (I think he just really liked to say the words).

I know what goes on in the dining room, I know what we do in the TV room, and I sure as hell know what goes on in the bedroom, but the RUMPUS ROOM?”

I admit it probably doesn’t seem that funny to you, but I was hysterical trying to explain it to him, exacerbated by the fact that this particular rumpus room had a tile floor and opened with a sliding door to the outside, prompting him to say “and apparently it was carefully planned, so that it can even be hosed out at the end of the rumpusing.”

I asked him what he thought this room would be used for, and all he could give me was that he had visions of naked rumps and feather boas – thereby confirming that I have been right all along.

This boy has a twisted mind.

(FYI a rumpus room is basically a game or TV room. Its all very innocent and I have never in my life seen one hosed out at the end of the night.)

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