What is Home

A few years back we were out of town visiting family for a little over a week and we were explaining to the toddler as we came into town, that the hotel we were staying at would be our “new home”.

It seemed like a harmless lie of course, because it helped him understand that this is where he needed to nap in the day and sleep at night and settle into a routine. It worked great and I never thought anymore of it until I picked him up from school about 4 weeks after we got home from the vacation and his teacher asked;

“is everything alright?”

“Yes” I say, “why?”

“We’ll we went on a field trip today and as we drove past the local Hilton Suites (these buildings apparently look the same in all states) the toddler said;

” theres my new home!”

I still laugh about it years later….. I did explain the whole thing to the teacher at the time but I still think she has her doubts about the whole story to this day.

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