Twitter and Spaceships

I joined twitter yesterday, it did take me about an hour to fully understand the purpose of it, but once I got going I loved it! I’m sorry I know I’m not the target demographic. They aren’t really wanting the stay at home mum to advertise that she is a convert, as pointed out to my by an old school friend who IS the target demographic, I’m ‘mainstream’.

I had a laugh when I read it on his twitter, mostly because if you spoke to all the people I know here in Texas, they would tell you different. I’m as close to a spaceship sighting as they’ve ever seen.

God forbid; I eat organic, take masses of vitamins and minerals every day, only drink pure, filtered water, we don’t use chemicals in our household cleaners etc etc. Hell, I even paid 3 x the regular price and bought my son an organic cotton mattress. I could go on but I wont.

I’m just “not quite right in the head” to these gun-toting and cow-wrestling Texans, and the further I get from their ideal the more I feel like I’m doing something right, you’d know what I mean if you lived here too.

So twitter I will, and when I can think of something really cool and demographically appropriate to write on my twitter, Ill post it here so you can all see too.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter and Spaceships

  1. Or you could put your twitter handle here so we other twitterers could follow you! Hint hint from @leftturnlady 🙂


    • I just followed you! Great idea. Sorry for all the posts you got in your inbox today if you are a subscriber, I was transferring a whole lot of posts from another blog. It will all quieten down now, its all done.


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