Oprah’s Australia Test

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Oprah is coming to Australia. Unless you have been living under a rock with earplugs in, you’ve heard of this phenomenon.

You can’t turn on a news channel here in Oz, without being bombarded with the news. I get it, it means $$ for the tourism industry, and honestly as an Australian who lived abroad for many years, its exciting that someone so prominent will show off what we love so much about this country.

I recently found out that Oprah has a test on her website to “test your Australia knowledge.” Assuming I would ace the thing, I took the test.

My God! I mean, really Oprah (or whomever on your staff set this test up) how many people would really know how many species of plants we have here, or what percentage of the worlds opals we mine? Ask those questions of any Americans about their homeland and I would expect they would fumble just as badly as I did (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).

Regardless, I took the test and was frankly afraid of the result, given I had already decided to make a post about it. I didn’t want to be shamed. I did Ok, not great, a slide-in-by-the-skin-of-your-teeth kind of result. 6/10 (I guess I can stay here, but can’t hold my head up too high).

Here is the test if you want to give it a go yourself. Post your results here too. However if you beat me and you aren’t an Australian, I will assume (correctly or incorrectly), that you googled all the answers as you were going along. I have my pride to protect!

Lets not be so naive though, as to think that Oprah ‘picked’ us because we were the most appealing place on earth to her. In fact, Australia has paid dearly for this visit. Somewhere in the vicinity of $2.3 -$2.8 million, depending which news outlet you are listening to. There has been a lot of talk about this. Is it a waste of taxpayer money? Is it money well spent? All I know is that tourism Australia spent $180 million on the “where the bloody hell are you?” campaign, and living overseas at the time I thought it was crap (as did a whole bunch of other people apparently, it was said to be a dismal failure all around).

So lets call a spade a shovel shall we? $2.8million  would be a drop in the bucket, and probably a drop well spent, whatever you think of Oprah and her hysterical horde of screaming estrogen.

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3 thoughts on “Oprah’s Australia Test

  1. ordinarybutinteresting says:

    OK – I do NOT live under a rock, and though I thoroughly applaud Oprah and all that she has accomplished, I am totally weary of her.

    I will admit to being completely enthralled with all things Oprah for the first 15-20 years, but as I’ve matured her show has seemed, well, more irritating. Please do not misunderstand – this dynamo has done incredible amounts for countless people/movements, but as I’ve aged and matured, I can’t help but cringe at the on-air creation her editors have made.

    So many times Oprah has come across as the expert when in fact, the true expert is her guest. And I’ve actually turned off her program when O has cut off a guest mid-stream on too many occasions. And dare I end my blasphomey by stating that I despise the U.S. show promo’s of a guest when I watch the show only to discover that said highly promoted guest fills less than 1/4 of the Oprah air-time?!?!?!?

    You will never find me denying the positive effects that Oprah has had, but you will always find me questioning the show’s motives over the past 5-10 years…

    Oh, yeah, BTW – I’d love a new Koala toy! The clip-on one I have that is a souvenier from Australia is 20+ years and delegated to a cat toy. Needless to say, it has seen better days 😦


  2. Thanks for the comment. I too struggle with the ‘God-like’ status of Oprah, though to be honest I can count on one hand the amount of times I have watched her show so I am not a good judge.

    The screaming, hysterical women fascinate me though. I’m not sure that you couldn’t still get the trip (and be excited) while sitting calmly and saying “thank you”.

    If you want to send me an address and Ill send you a Koala, everyone should have a Koala clip-on! observantmind@live.com.


  3. spitandspirits says:

    I managed to get 3 out of ten!

    I’m highly disappointed in my knowledge of (boring?) facts about Australia. This score coming from a person who wears an Australia Zoo uniform every Australia day I had especially embroidered with my name on it. I will hang my head in shame and hand over the uniform to a much more worthy Ozzy patriot.

    I think Oprah could have included some more exciting questions like: What are Australians referring to when they mention your ‘Reg Grundies’?

    Or how many decibels is the average girly scream of a blokey surfer after getting stung by a blue bottle?


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