Elephants Killed By Train. Family Members Seen Mourning.

If this article doesn’t make you think – not just about the suffering our modern world has on such magnificent wild animals, but about the fact that these creatures are thinking, feeling animals, animals who have relationships and mourn their losses – I don’t know what will.

The article details how 2 baby elephants got stuck while trying to cross some train tracks in densely bushed area. 5 Adult elephants rallied around the calves to protect them from the oncoming train. All 7 animals were killed – 5 instantaneously and 2 after much suffering. The remaining elephants stayed near the bodies for days in mourning.

Please support organizations like WIRES, PETA, WWF and more around the world so we can do all we can to stop a tragedy like this from ever happening again.

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2 thoughts on “Elephants Killed By Train. Family Members Seen Mourning.

  1. deborahadams says:

    Several years ago I read a novel — I’ve forgotten both the title and the author’s name– but that’s where I learned that elephants have a ritual for recognizing their dead. Essentially, it’s a funeral service. There’s no doubt that they know what they are doing, that they mourn their dead, and that they understand loss as well as humans do.


  2. It was so evident here, wasn’t it? And yet we as a human race continue to abuse our power and use them for sickening displays i circus’s and zoos, not to mention what industrialized nations have done to them in the wild, with this article a sad example.


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