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Today while suffering my own case of writers block I read this blog. It details another blogger, who was suffering from writers block and his suggestions for overcoming this parasite. Unfortunately, instead of giving me the support and help that I could have used, it sent me spiraling into a black hole of insecurity.

Point number one was to keep it real. I’m all for that, I can’t possibly blog about a topic I’m not feeling. Point number two was to be in the mood. Hear, hear, I’m with him on that one too. Point number three and four also resonated with me. It was at point number five I started to feel the pressure. Here’s an excerpt;

“…you can do this by developing your editorial calendar, well in advance of schedule…”

What the?

What the hell is an editorial calendar? And if I may, how do I possibly ‘develop’ one? More importantly, how do I ‘develop one ahead of schedule?’

Firstly, let me say to you at how impressed I am. This is clearly a professional blogger, unlike myself who is a complete hack. (Which I knew of course in my own mind, I just had never had someone put it on paper for me.)

This is someone who has a career utilizing online media and puts much thought, time and energy into his posts as a result. Good for him, and let me say I looked through the rest of the blog and it shows. It’s a really informative blog, well written and interesting,

Sadly, I am not. (Interesting I mean.) I’m really just someone who goes through life providing fodder for other people to read so they spend their time laughing at me (or at least feeling a little incredulous at my stupidity), and thereby are able to feel better about themselves.

This is my life’s purpose. It is good to have a purpose. You know, someone has to be the trash collector, right? And the mortician, the pedicurist, the proctologist… you get my point.

I’m providing a service. Sure, it’s not glamorous, but it’s important work. You all need me. Without me, you might all be feeling as insecure and as insignificant as I am right now.

Your Welcome.

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7 thoughts on “Bloggers Block

  1. Hi ‘The Observant Mind’,

    It was fantastic to read your post regarding my writer’s block article. I appreciated hearing what you had to say and I’m really glad you think so well of our blog/other blog posts. However, I think you’re selling yourself short a bit. Your blog is certainly entertaining and intriguing.

    I understand how you’re feeling about writer’s block, and a lot of the time the answers are easier to write about rather than actually achieve. But despite this, it was not my intention to ‘send you spiraling into a black hole of insecurity’, so I wanted to help you out. Here’s a couple of articles from, a site where I spent countless hours reading to develop my blogging knowledge, that will inform you more about editorial calendars:

    I hope they help.

    If there’s ever anything in the future you’d like some more information on, please get back to me and I can write up a post in response. We’re always looking to help out fellow bloggers 🙂

    Also, thanks heaps for reading our blog! It was just amazing to hear from a reader in this context (a dedicated post), and your thoughts were most insightful.

    Best Blogging,
    Justin Williams (@The Blog Designer)


    • WOW! This is like, the best comment EVER. Thank you! I’ve been blogging (socially) for nearly 4 years on various blogs and never knew of the information you have just provided me. AND you did it in such an encouraging and non ‘how-can-you-not-know-this?’ way – kudos to you! I have taken your advise and spent quite a bit of time last night on the site you recommended. Who knew there were so many resources out there? Perhaps research is not my forte. Then again, I don’t need to research, because now I have YOU! 🙂 Ok in all seriousness, thank you for the inspiring and educational comments, the fact that you took the time is truly appreciated, though you may have unleashed a monster, all this problogger stuff could get very addictive! Cheers.


      • Ha ha it is so addictive, but it’s such good info that the addiction is no bad thing.
        Regarding my ‘inspiring and educational comments’, you’re most welcome. Love to help out another blogger.
        Keep reading and learning and you’ll develop a very successful blog. I’ll be staying up to date with your blog, being the good read that it is! Keep up the good work, and all the best for your blog and it’s future 🙂


  2. ordinarybutinteresting says:

    Oh my! I’m so sorry to disappoint you but I’ve read a few of your posts and I don’t find you the least bit un-interesting! Your writing style is conversational – very engaging and enjoyable. Did you hear me laughing about the Panadol?

    You know you’re more than a complete hack when you can write a post while suffering writer’s block and make it informative and fun!!!!

    I’m jealous! 🙂


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