Perception Is Reality

This is where I observe nothingness

“You and I do not share a common reality.”

This statement was presented to me today and it was the most clarifying moment. I have had many people in my life over the past few months for which this statement is a harsh fact, and yet I have not been able to illustrate this to them with clarity or even myself for that matter.

Thanks to Ragan on BB 12 and his masters in communication for clearing this one up for me and the rest of the world. (did I really get a life solution from a reality TV show? Kill me now)

NB Just to make you jealous this pic was taken a few minutes ago, its opposite my house and I went down to see if there were any whales out playing today. Yes I know, the splendor is sickening.

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2 thoughts on “Perception Is Reality

  1. Steve says:

    I reject your reality and substitute my own!
    -from Mythbusters


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