To Kindle or Not To Kindle

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I am a huge fan of reading. Everyone that knows me, knows I love to read. I do it on the beach, in coffee shops, in bookstores, in bed, in the car (though rarely while driving) and in the bathtub.

Given this, many people have assumed that I would already own or should own, a kindle. Granted, I don’t know a lot about the kindle. I heard about it early on when it was released, made a snap unfair judgment, based purely on almost no factual information and haven’t paid attention to it since.

However, more and more people have brought it to my attention, extolling the virtues and ‘pluses’ of the kindle over my trusty paperback. Finally, I have decided to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of the kindle VS my book collection.

1. Fantastic space saver. I am assuming if I had a kindle when I moved recently from the US to Australia and had to ship all my belongings in a cargo crate which may or may not take up to 6 months to get here, my luggage leaving the USA would not have looked like this (that’s my son sitting with the luggage, he is not included in the luggage count for obvious reasons.)

(I wont even tell you how many of those cases were filled with books VS clothing)

But then, I wouldn’t have bookcases with hundreds of books to decorate my home, the look of each spine, the shapes and sizes….and I must not lie, the assumptions that are made about my assumed intellect, by all that enter my home.

2. Kindle does not smell like a book. Doesn’t feel like a book. Doesn’t have the weight of a book. You can’t fold the page of a kindle down to ‘remember to look at that passage later.’ I love the fold down. I know I may be in the minority, there are those book-nazis out there that think that bending a page is akin to vandalism, but I beg to differ. A well-worn book is a well-loved book in my experience.

3. With a kindle, I am told you can download any book anytime you want, as long as you have an internet connection. This I have to admit, is a pretty attractive offer. No more ordering the book and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. No more trolling the bookstores in the hope someone will have it.

4. The kindle is saving the trees, and I am a big lover and hugger of the trees. This is a big pro for me. Could be the point that pushes me over the kindle edge.

5. The ease with which I could access a book would most certainly mean that I would spend more on books than I already do. The argument of the lower cost of kindle books VS higher cost of paperbacks would almost instantly be a moot point.

6. Eyestrain. I am one of those frustrated people who after spending too much time on my Mac, I start to get a bad-ass headache. I wish, wish, wish screens didn’t do this to me, but they universally seem to. Any feedback from the kindle screen and eyestrain and headaches anyone?

7. I am almost certainly going to drop the thing. Or shove it in my bag with my sons half eaten banana and open OJ he has thrown in there while in a rush. I can destroy a $15 book and get over it. I do it to a $260 kindle and I would want to slit my wrists (not that I am even almost dramatic)

8. I would love to not have to sit in a Doctors/Dentist waiting room and watch infomercials on their TV. Or read their 25-year-old readers digest. Or even worse, the Cosmo magazine that has what looks like kid snot all over it. BIG plus here people. HUGE.

9. I have heard you can get newspapers and magazines to your kindle. Love, Love, Love!

10. I like to read in the bath, the chance of dropping it? 100%. Just take a look at all my wavy-paged books in my library and you will know what I mean. I drop them. Always.

So there it is, my pros and cons list. At the end of the day, I still have no idea what to do.I think I would like one for a gift, then I didn’t have to fork out the $260  and so it doesn’t have as much pressure to perform for me. You know for $260, I want to love it.

As a gift, I’m like; “cool, thanks!” If I use it or not, I’m thrilled ‘so-and-so’ even gave me a gift, so who am I to judge it, right?

To Kindle or Not To Kindle…

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6 thoughts on “To Kindle or Not To Kindle

  1. Steve says:

    I’m going to get the new one that’s $139 us.


  2. That’s a really good deal, why so cheap?


  3. boho fangirl says:

    I totally agree with this part that you said : “A well-worn book is a well-loved book in my experience.”
    I’m a lover of old school so I would prefer books over
    it, but if it magically appears in front me (for free), I would not hesitate one bit. haha 😉


  4. ordinarybutinteresting says:

    OK —- here I go with my 2 cents….

    The idea of a Kindle is great but I have reservations…

    The biggest one is watching a Kindle in action (as I did on a recent flight). The background is gray and the words black…except when the page changes…every time. There are a few seconds where the page is black and then voila, the background is gray and the words are black.

    bI’m sure this is something to which one adjusts, but I’m not willing to bet $100+ on that adjustment.

    Yes, I completely agree about the trees…but…what about the batteries nestled inside your Kindle???? You may recycle them correctly but what about the other Kindle users???

    Then there’s that whole touchy-feely-smelly thing of physical books coupled with that instantaneous download vs. waiting 3-5 days for a Barnes and Noble shipment to fill the space that is your mailbox.

    Bottom line, it’s paperback hard copy books for me over the Kindle et als any day…


  5. I’ve heard the newest one out has ‘enhanced screen viewing’. Who knows? I’m with you, I LOVE my books. I’m in no rush to go and get one though I do see its (limited) benefits. Thanks for the comment!


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