No Man Will Ever Love You This Much

I was down at the beach on Friday when my hubby picked up my son from school. He told him if he got changed quickly he could meet me at the beach for ‘a little while’. My son loves the beach so he raced inside, tore off his school clothes and redressed in his beach gear, all in record time.

He did however, take the time to stop and get a cup and fill it with water to place a flower in it that he had picked for me earlier that day. My husband urged him to leave it on the counter to be dealt with later as it was getting dark and he was missing out on precious time at the beach. Usually a ‘threat’ like this would ensure instant compliance,  but this time he would not hear of it.

“If I leave it until later, it will die, and I picked this especially for mummy and I want her to have it”; he said.

Here is a picture of the ‘flower’ and the vase-cup he used.

There’s just no way any man will ever love you that much. Never ever.

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3 thoughts on “No Man Will Ever Love You This Much

    • Some woman, in about 15 years is going to emotionally destroy this boy….and of course though I will have to grit my teeth and smile at her, I will secretly be shooting daggers at her with my eyeballs! He’s just to sweet for his own good. (for now)


  1. RACH says:

    This just melts my heart – sweet boy ❤


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