Tylenol PM – The Gateway Drug?

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Having some trouble getting to bed and sleep as early as I should and so last night I took the pro-drug plunge (I hate to even take Asprin for a headache, prefer to keep my body as chemical-free as possible) and took one Tylenol PM tablet.

WOW! I have never been into illegal drugs, my teenage years of rebellion consisted of smoking at 13, and trying some southern comfort in a chocolate milkshake (I had no idea what it was supposed to be mixed with) at 14.

I tried marijuana at about 19 for the first time at a friends party. I don’t remember the experience except that my friend has never let me forget that I was found in the laundry room having a full-on conversation with his parrot. I’m guessing it was one sided, but cant be sure.

At 24 at a Bristol-Myers Squibb sales conference my boss handed me a bong and I had my second experience with marijuana.

Writing this now it seems a pretty politically incorrect thing to do, the boss hands you illegal drugs at a multi-national pharma company-funded conference? How many laws were broken here? In America I could have sued his ass and made a fortune – in Australia I worked like a dog for him for the next 4 years trying to save up for a vacation.

This was the same boss that was eventually fired for putting his penis in the ear of another employee at yet another conference. Clearly hotel stays and power point presentations caused him to lose all sense and reason. Regardless, he got his own in the end which was a shame, he was by far the most laid-back boss Ive ever had. (I wonder why?)

That’s my illegal drug history, clearly not one of note.

I digress.

I took this one PM last night and slept like a log – my son has been sick and my hubby asked me this morning if he woke again last night. I had no idea! I vaguely remember hubby saying goodbye at 8:30 this morning and the next time my eyes opened it was to my son in my room at 10:20am asking for breakfast because he was getting really hungry – parenting at its best!

I dragged my butt out and got him cereal and tried to remember the past 12 hours. Nothing. Not a damn thing.

It was the most bizarre experience, to have 12 hours go by with no clue of anything that happened. I’m a light sleeper and a frequent waker, so this…this was as though I took some kind of drug and blacked out. (Frankly, its very appealing).

I really have to watch myself now, you know what they say – Tylenol PM can be the gateway drug. And I cant afford rehab.

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6 thoughts on “Tylenol PM – The Gateway Drug?

  1. Jake J. Fox says:

    What evil genius developed Tylenol PM’s?! They’re easily available – I think. Can you only get them in the US? One of those and I’m out until the morning. And even then I’ll be walking around like a heavy lidded zombie until about two in the afternoon.

    I won’t tell you about my past drug use. Although I will say cocaine is surprisingly easy to get when you’re ten.


    • They are basically panadol with a sleep agent, Like Mersyndol and pandol mixed together – awesomeness. Yes, I bought a huge bottle back with me from the US, my husband takes them on occasion, up until now, I have not!


    • For some reason I just saw the beginning of your post here, I just read the rest and am laughing myself silly…
      You might want to consider the crowd you were running around with (at ten!) because I told my husband the other day “I couldn’t score some crack, even if I wanted to…”
      He of course, looked at me knowingly and said “I could.”
      From what I understand about his youth, you and he may have been hanging with the same people!


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  4. Nimco says:

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