Who Cares About Age?

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My 20 year school reunion is coming up in August. That makes me pretty old, right?

My husband marvels at me with the whole age issue.

I know people (usually women) who would rather gouge out their own eyes with a spoon than tell anyone their age.

The way I see it, it goes one of two ways;

Either someone says to me “You’re 37? I would never have guessed! You look so much younger.” (Awesome feeling, I look younger than I actually am!)

Or they say; “You’re only 37? I thought you were older” (Awesome feeling, I’m actually younger than I look!)

As many times as I have explained this to him and other friends and family, I still get the shaken heads and the rolled eyes. People obviously do not get at all where I am coming from.

Doesn’t it seem all ass-backwards when people who are paranoid about their age, want to hide it and tell no one, are considered more normal than people who dont?

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2 thoughts on “Who Cares About Age?

  1. Jake J. Fox says:

    Don’t even get me started!

    I constantly get interrogated about my age. It usually happens when meeting new people, like starting a new job or something. They’re always amazed that I’m 35. Pretty much everyone says that they expected me to be in my mid 20’s or so. That’s 10 years difference!

    It like, blows their mind that a guy can be over 30 and not be fat and bald, or look like he’s been enslaved in a salt mine for his entire life. I’ve had to show people my I.D. to prove that I’m not having a lend of them just for fun. Just a couple of days ago I met up with a school friend I hadn’t seen in about 15 years. His wife kept asking me if I wore makeup because I looked so much younger that my school friend.

    It annoys the hell out of me. And when I try to tell people it annoys me that’s when I get the rolling of the eyes you mentioned.

    This doesn’t sound like something to worried about, I know, but being mistaken for being younger has had it’s problems – as a man that is. Girls weren’t interested in me until I was about 23. It’s always been hard to be taken seriously in a work environment. And worst of all, people who don’t know me very well bang on about how old and worldly they are, and how they only like old 80’s classic music, and generally act like I’m just a young punk who doesn’t know anything about anything. In this case I try to bring up my age somehow, and usually find they’re the same age or maybe a year or two older than me.

    In their old wrinkly faces!!


  2. Ha!
    Well, you have my sympathy because I am not an ageist, but for all those paranoid women who would kill to look so much younger than they are I suspect their empathy for your situation is somewhere between non-existent and pure hatred. I can see how it would be frustrating, especially as a guy. Have you thought of getting into skin care products and telling women you are the example of someone that uses the product? You’d make a killing!


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