Dont Let Your Love Go Quiet


Image by eirikso via Flickr

Today as I was putting my son to bed he looked at me and said;

“You know, when my friend Stuart gets home from school every day, he gets a cookie, but its OK I get something better than cookies, I get love.”

Of course I turned to him with all the love in the world and said “Oh my God, you are the cutest thing ever…here, have a cookie.”

After inhaling the aforementioned cookie (of which I think he totally manipulated me into giving him, kudos to him) he said; “You know I think Stuart probably gets love as well, he just doesn’t know it. The love in his house is too quiet.”

A friend asked where I found such an adorable child as she was thinking of getting one of her own. (Apparently he had been hiding in my ovaries for decades and I never knew it. How lucky am I?)

The lesson here from a 7 year old politician-in-the-making is that you should never let your love go quiet.

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4 thoughts on “Dont Let Your Love Go Quiet

  1. Hello..Thank You for stopping by…children are so precious. Each act, even though similar, is so unique..such a wonder..every experience one of learning..a way to survive in this crazy world..Peace Tony


  2. Thanks for your comment! I agree, they are a light in the darkness of an often tumultuous and harried world. Take the moments when you can and treasure them! x


  3. When expression through writing does not seem enough I remind myself..if I write a million pages of verse and story..if one life is saved it is a paycheck more worthwhile than a mountain of gold..Peace Tony 10-10-11 (BTW I think WP has been doing some very serious program updating..I could not edit for awhile on a couple of the desktop programs is not as ‘busy’ as FB T.)


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