Ode To My Husband (The Only Man In The World Who Would Have Me)

The Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado

9 years ago today, we walked into a courthouse in Denver and eloped.

As we left, you with a lifetime of possibilities and me with my free goodie bag of Tupperware (a total 1950’s housewife gift, I was insulted and planned on writing a complaint letter. Like most of my planned complaint letters, it never materialized), I hoped I’d done the right thing.

The Day We Eloped - Ootober 18, 2002

A few months later with 80 of our friends and family, we officially tied the knot at the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel (and I was right, it was an improvement on a Mexican restaurant).

The roller coaster ride began, and it hasn’t slowed down since.

Our wedding day - January 2003

The first day of our honeymoon as we began our drive down the coast of Mexico, you impressed me by crushing a beer can on your forehead (splitting your head open when you used the wrong end – the one with the sharp edge).  I laughed for hours, and have rarely stopped laughing since.

I knew without question then, you were the boy for me.

As far back as our wedding day you were making me laugh

You have been the best sport as I laugh at you more often than with you (most often in blog posts that I share with the world), and as we incessantly argue the value of crap shows like Smallville and True Blood, your addiction to community Poker games, the necessity of me owning more than 50 pairs of shoes, why Channel and Chanel sunglasses really are not the same (despite appearances), and the inappropriateness of showing your kid how to use a whoopee cushion on unsuspecting guests.

We have come to an agreement that you may not criticize my country’s wacky city names, when your own has a place called Arkansas (Ar-Kansas) and yet, you pronounce it Are-Can-Saw. This one city name definitively established that whatever the subject matter, you have no case – and never will.

You now know that here in Australia, a napkin is not something you use to wipe your face at dinner but rather, a ladies sanitary item. (That was a humiliating lesson to learn, I know.)

We have established that we can raise a great kid, but have no clue how to raise a well-behaved dog.  We know how to run successful businesses, but cannot work in one together, we’re different in almost every way, but we’ll both stand up for what we believe in (even if the cost seems exorbitantly high), and we have learned together, the largest of sacrifices result in the greatest rewards.

Our badly-behaved, but adorable dog

We can live anywhere in the world together and have a good time (not always keeping on the right side of the law, and that’s OK, because most laws are overrated and antiquated anyway). We now know that a foreign drivers license and a confused expression will get you out of almost any tight fix.

You are a man with remarkable patience, and impressive tenacity. Your fortitude is great, and your resilience is admirable. You are the best father I know (even that man in Cracker Barrel thought so), and your ability to kill a bug in the middle of the night without your contact lenses (by sheer bionic-perception), is extraordinary!

You are the son with the integrity, the father with the most adoring son, and the husband with impeccable taste…

If you are ever unsure why you are with me, remember what you told that guy who asked you why you didn’t marry an American girl:

“ Because my wife can defend the honor of a family, confront a scam artist (and convince him to accept an appropriate consequence), make a meal, prove a doctor with a foreboding diagnosis wrong  – reclaiming the health of our child, run a business and keep a house. And she can do it all without carrying a gun, visiting a shrink or popping a Xanax. That’s why I married an Australian girl.”

It’s been a crazy ride, but one well-worth taking.

Happy Anniversary!


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24 thoughts on “Ode To My Husband (The Only Man In The World Who Would Have Me)

  1. Katriina says:

    You guys sound like a gorgeous couple. Congratulations to you both!


  2. thehonestone says:

    Congrats on the 9 years, sounds like it has been fun so far…


  3. Nice post. I think he made out pretty well in the deal, even with the psychological torment you give him when he does something silly or stupid.

    Tell me again why you didn’t do post a day? 🙂


    • I didn’t do a post a day because I tried something like it once…the pressure to post daily resulted in the worst of my writing. This way I can write as much as I like and still fulfill my commitment to PostAWeek2011! And he loves when I write about him really, he feels special 😉


  4. Anonymous says:

    This is SO sweet…!!

    Who knew you guys would overcome the “great microwaving of beans debacle of 2006” Or even worse the time when Lee threw you a bottle for a screaming baby Jackson and it hit you in the forehead!! We all thought it was over for sure as we scurried away to our respective rooms to hide!

    Even now these things make me smile…if anything…although probably not funny at the times…it’s provided hours of entertainment for others along the way.

    Congrats on 8years and 2 months of happiness and a whole 9 years worth of drama!

    Labovitz’s…YOU MADE IT!

    Keep em’ coming! I’d have a lot less to do on the net without it!

    Lots of love – your FAVOURITE friendly internet stalker xoxo


    • Ok my anon poster, this is the best comment ever! Love it.

      Made me laugh remembering the yelling over those beans, who knew the difference between a pot and a microwave could bring a relationship to the precipice of despair! LMAO!

      As for the bottle, I maintain that he meant it, to get back at me for some unknown sin (probably for writing about him on the internet).

      LOVE that you commented here, and glad I’m giving your ipad a workout 😉 xxx


  5. Elyse says:

    Happy Anniversary — keep going strong.


  6. Julia (AKA Jules) says:

    aww, congrats on your anniversary!


  7. Carrie says:

    Love it, love it, love it! And love you, too! What a fabulous post!

    And girl, what a hottie you have! He is cute!

    But I gotta say…I think he’s done pretty good, too. He’s pretty lucky to have such a kind, witty and loving heart standing at his side. And I bet he’d agree with me on that.

    Congratulations…before you know it, we’ll be reading about ya’ll at 25 years!

    Can’t wait either!


    • Carrie, I got your message, thank you! I too have been crazy busy. Thanks for the kind comment, and you’re right…when I have my husband turn to just the right angle, and its dusk – right as its getting dark, and I have him put on a hat for some coverage….he IS kind of hot! His grandmother used to call him “the good looking one” between him and his brother, so funny, it used to embaress him something terrible. She died recently, but I noticed his Aunt has taken up the phrase and uses it on him, so between the two of you he’ll get a HUGE head if I’m not careful. I have to be sure and keep him grounded – its my lot in life.


  8. Happy belated Anniversary! Sounds like you two make a terrific team. I’d imagine that in addition to napkin, your husband has learned the Australian/British meaning for fanny. That can be equally embarrassing.


    • ohhh…yes! Fanny was one that came out when I was in the US with him, he has been very particular not to make that mistake in Australia, that one could cost him a face-slapping from some over-aggressive women!

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  9. This is such a lovely post! I am more inspired to keep searching for the love of my life. I love seeing true married couples in love, instead of all this Hollywood mess– most don’t know anything about true love.

    Thanks for the awesome post!


    • Thanks for the compliment, though its not all ‘beer sand skittles’ (as my husband says), but life is pretty darn good when you can have a truckload of fun together and laugh at yourselves. That would be the secret I’d share if I was asked by anyone. Don’t take yourself too seriously, get of your high-horse, swallow your pride and have a good laugh at yourself. Oh, and defend each other above anyone else – never let anyone bad-mouth your spouse. I think if people can do this more, they would be a whole lot happier! Thanks for dropping by and for the kind comment.


  10. That’s got to be the best anniversary gift ever! And it sounds like your hubby is a smart man who knows what a great package deal he’s got 😉


  11. I really enjoyed this post, and it reminded me that I’ve entertained writing something slmilar. The problem is that as this is written, we’re about to celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary, and it’s truly been a wild ride. I know I can do it, but I’m afraid I’d have to write it in sections, because it would make a post that would take a week to read.

    After reading your story, I’m convinced that I’m going to have to do it, but I’m going to consider it for a bit before I do it.


    • Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment. 51 years is such a fantastic achievement, I would love to read about the wild ride your relationship has taken over so many decades! I will keep an eye out, and in the meantime, congratulations!


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