The Real Blog Post (Not The 7-year-old Clicked Publish Before I Was Done, Post)

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***Apologies to those that received an unfinished version of this post earlier today. My son was playing around on my computer and I had my account open and somehow he hit the “publish” button. (Note to self: lock the office door when I am not around, to avoid nervous breakdown and desire to strangle child)***

I can’t believe we are this close to the end of year! We have now officially been living in Australia for just over 1 year and my husband and son are starting to jive with the culture and seem a little less out-of-place.

A few weeks back we took a trip to Sydney.

Our first stop was my Holistic dentist where I had my last two mercury fillings removed. Not the most fun thing to do, nor was it as bad as I had anticipated. An excellent practice, incredible staff and safely getting rid of those toxins once and for all, made for an all-out pretty pleasant day and they we’re done in under an hour – impressive!

Next stop was our hotel in Double Bay.

One of the most affluent suburbs (often referred to as Double ‘Pay’), it is also an incredibly beautiful place with designer shopping, quaint cafes and bars, located (as is indicated by its name) in a bay on Sydney Harbour.

It’s only a short train or ferry ride into the city (great for kids)  – for those of us not wanting to pay Sydney’s $50+/day parking fees. (That would be me.)

Double Bay, (Sydney) Australia. I took this photo as we were heading out of the bay towards Sydney Harbour on the ferry.

Even as a former Sydney-sider, I delight in taking friends and family members on a ferry ride on the Harbour. There is something completely magical about it. I have lived in a number of places over my lifetime and so many of them have that “special something”. Sydney’s “special something” is its Harbour.

As we boarded our ferry along with the business people on their way to work, I wondered how great it would be to sit outdoors in the sunshine with the sea-air blowing in your hair as you traveled your mode of ‘public transport’ to work – not too shabby!

The Harbour Bridge in the Distance, Taken From The Ferry

We then took in some of the sites of Sydney and had a blast, I highly recommend spending time in your “home” city as a tourist. Stay at a hotel, see all the sites and you may be surprised at how cool it is and what’s on offer!

Charlie Chaplin Reincarnated?

The Big Smoke

We started by wandering down “The Rocks” area, it’s on the edge of the Harbour, full of historic buildings, Australian artifacts, tourist shops, artwork etc. I love the rocks, its quaint and historical.

"The Rocks"

Next we watched an aboriginal play a didgeridoo on the foreshores of the Quay. (HA!) This guy is about as “authentically aboriginal” as I am.

I’m not saying he doesn’t have aboriginal heritage, but I promise you, he goes home to his big screen TV, and judging from his pecs, he eats plenty of McDonalds and drives his 4wd to ‘work’ everyday.

But, the tourists love it. (As did my son and husband. I just snorted in disgust and took photos for my blog. Note the gold rimmed glasses. My husband named him “Kanye Dundee” )

"Kanye Dundee"

We took a walk to Darling Harbour (about 25 minutes walk from Circular Quay – where the Sydney Harbour Bridge is located), and discovered a cool playground with a mammoth climbing structure (amongst other things), that my husband declared. would never exist in any playground in America.

His reasoning? “It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen”. We wouldn’t sue here, we’d just brush little Billy off after his fall and tell him he’s “fine”, and to “stop complaining, you’re scaring the other kids.”

Regardless, it proved hugely popular with the kids, including ours who in this photo is perched on the top left.

"Lawsuit Waiting to Happen."

Next to the playground was a water park that had an awesome array of lessons. How water works, ways to pump, divert, spray and more. It was the perfect place on a warm summers afternoon and we spent hours there.

Cool toes on a hot day can only be a good thing!

The afternoon had worn on and we left the water park behind.

Father and Son Are Insperable!

On our way out of Darling Harbour we saw Santa trying to escape the city unnoticed.

Someone needs to tell him when you are this big and jolly, incognito is not really possible.

We decided to walk back down to the Circular Quay (where the Harbour bridge and ferries are located) to eat. On our way we passed a floating Sunglasses Hut store, my husband thought it was ingenious.

The ultimate transferable store

And motorbike parking that was markedly cheaper parking (reason to own a motorbike when living in the city).

We grabbed a quick dinner at Mad Mex, a place my husband had been dying to visit since we moved to Australia. It had rave reviews as fast food Mexican, and as we haven’t found any decent Mexican in Australia ( I don’t think Mexican restaurants even existed here when I left to move overseas in 2000), he was desperate.

It was as good as he hoped it would be and their frozen margaritas were as authentic as any we’ve ever had. The most spectacular thing was the Corona beer bottle chandelier, something we had never seen before, but a totally cool idea!

We decided to put an end to the day and caught the train back to the hotel, much to our 7-year-olds delight.

"Train Expectation" - Town Hall, Sydney, Australia (Iphone Photo)

All in all, we had a fun day, and after a good nights sleep, we took on the city again the next day!


While I was on my SIBL (Self-imposed Blog Leave), my all-time favorite red-haired blogger (C’mon Carrie, don’t be thinking you’re the only red haired blogger, their must be plenty!)  had a surprise waiting for me when I returned.  A blog award!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m pretty un-talented. I’m not good at much of anything, which has resulted in a gaping empty space in my awards cabinet (What? It’s weird to buy and awards cabinet in the hope that it will karmic-ly cause awards to be bestowed upon you?? Apparently NOT, because it worked!)

No more!

Carrie from A Sassy Redhead has broken my 37 11/12th years drought, and given me an Liebster Blog award that I will be forever grateful for.

(That one in Kindergarten for “best talker” doesn’t count because we all know what was the five -year-old equivalent of a backhanded compliment from the teacher).

(In all seriousness, Thank you Carrie, you rock! )

(And not just because of this.)


My job is to now send you on your way, to explore the wonders of five other awesome bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve your support. So this I shall do, as I bid you adieu.

1. The Unknown Cystic – He and I get each other. (Which kind of sucks for him, because I’m pretty odd.)

2. Fifty Four and A Half – She is the most interesting writer, and she uses her age in the title. Being another person that cares not a whit about telling people my age, I think this rocks  – and that’s all before you start reading her awesome blog!

3. Spit and Spirits – He doesn’t post as much of late, he’s getting married and preparing to be under the thumb (kidding!!) but his posts are awesome, and he assures me he will be back, so you gotta love you some Jake J Fox.

4. Good Food 4 All – I just found this blog in the past few days. It’s awesome, all about toxins in our day to day life, organic living etc. For all those that don’t know I’m a closet hippy (if you want to see more of my activist-hippy side you can check out  Natures Conspiracy or This Dish Is Veg). Before you do check out GF4A.

5. Meg’s Simple Life – Meg has a family friendly blog about life, love and family. It’s wholesome, interesting, and she seems sweet as pie.

(Note to Mark at Yelling Near You. Wanted to add you, but I couldn’t because Carrie stole you first.)

She has it coming now…

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35 thoughts on “The Real Blog Post (Not The 7-year-old Clicked Publish Before I Was Done, Post)

  1. thehonestone says:

    I also feel like this year has just zipped pass me without my consent 🙂 Nice pics and as for the $50 parking, I too would sooner walk no matter what distanced ha ha ha


    • Its crazy, and FYI you didn’t get to read my whole post, publish was hit before I was 1/3 of the way through so you may want to go back to check out the rest of the post!


      • thehonestone says:

        He he, thought it ended rather abrupt


      • Hamam says:

        Lol Look at the jealous melbaurnions writing negative stuff about syney..! like you guys are reallii just chewing up inside! and sydney isn’t just a opera house and bridge.. only someone with half a brain would think this! we have the some of the best beaches, great festivals and most magnificant architecture the habour and its icons are just a signiture of the city! thats like saying all Paris has is the Eiffel Tower..! how stupid is that..! like jealous much!!!!!!!!


  2. Great photos…and good advice! (He says, as he begins to excitingly plan a hometown ‘tour.’) 😉


    • Thanks for visiting and for your compliment! Unfortunately my son hit the publish butting before I was too far into this post so you missed most of the photos, so please check out the rest for ideas on what to do in Sydney!


      • What can I say? Then ’twas really nice, and now…’tis wonderful!

        Outside my window everything is covered in a layer of frozen mist. On a wire overhead sits a lonely bird…looking down wishfully, but deciding in the end to stay put. If only we were instead looking out (or down) upon Sydney! Ahhh…then what a different tale this day would tell… 😉


        • I feel ungrateful for saying this, but after 16 months of temperatures over 65 degrees, I have a hankering for a little snowy weather! You just can’t comfortably cook marshmallows over a roasted fire without some good bone-chilling cold. I miss my Colorado and might need to be taking a trip to get my fix!


  3. societyred says:

    Wow! Great photos and commentary! Especially love the last one at the train station. I am definitely going to plan a trip sometime (when it’s winter here). Seeing those warm bright pictures makes me wish for it now…I got up early to watch the eclipse of the moon (happening at this moment, it’s 32 degrees F here!) and saw your post. Thank you for sharing! And congrats on the award! (Kanye Dundee-Ha!)


    • Thanks! The train station one is awesome, and taken with an iphone. Just goes to show you don’t need a decent camera to get good pics! I was up watching the lunar eclipse too – it started about midnight here, and I didn’t end up getting to bed until nearly 5!


  4. Everyone knows two addresses by heart. Their home address, and
    P. Sherman
    42 Wallaby Way

    You don’t look a day over 29.


  5. Arindam says:

    Nice post. Great pics and perfect words to describe them. Great job !!


  6. Carrie says:

    Oh, wow. What a fantastic trip! Ya’ll made some memories that will be talked about for years and years!

    But I gotta say, I got tickled at ol’Kanye Dundee! THAT was gooood!

    The pics, the water park, the ferry rides…how cool. The water there seems so blue. Over here, all I see is kind of a murky greenish-brownish-sometimes-blue colored stuff. That water is gorgeous.

    And I am ELATED to break the drought!! Though I must say, a stalker award? That’s nothing to take lightly…that stalking stuff takes some work and should rightly be awarded!! Be proud of that thing, girl!


    Tons of love. Tons.


    • OH Carrie, even when you are in the midst of serious you have me rolling on the floor. My award was a ‘talker’ award. But stalker is so much more fun, especially for a 5-year-old. I’m not sure my stomach will recover today from the laughing! 😉


  7. Karyn,

    That was one hell of a post. I know how much time it takes to create photo-journey posts. Outstanding. What a difference it makes to get a first person account about a place as opposed to reading about it in a travel book. I’m moving to AUS.

    Your husband is correct about the playground. Never would be allowed here, which is a drag because there are articles about this subject and that making our playgrounds ultra safe and boring for kids is a bad thing and doesn’t teach them what they need to know about risk when they’re young.

    The Big Smoke picture was interesting. I didn’t quite get it. Gray building wedged in? I have an IQ of 7.

    What a bonus to get to the end of the post and see such nice things about me. Thank you. Very kind of you. I’m killing my plans for a post called “Australians are nuts” in case it might offend my favorite Australian blogger.

    I like how you blamed your son for hitting publish. I’m going to use that excuse next time I hit the publish button too soon. Do you thing people will believe your son flew to the US on his own, secretly entered my house and did that?

    You are wonderful.



    • Oh John, our telepathic connection must mean you heard me cursing from there. My internet connection here is crap (negative about Australia!) We have terribly slow internet, especially because we are in ‘regional’ Australia.

      It took FOREVER to upload those pics, and then of course the ‘incident’.

      To be honest I publicly blamed the 7-year-old but I suspect it was the 38-year-old. My husband was in there too and from what I ascertained over a long period of grilling I think he believed that the ‘publish’ button would SAVE my necessary work. Not sure WHY one would think that, and he is of course, denying culpability, and assured me it had to be the kid – but you know men – they would sell their grandma to stay out of trouble!

      As for you having a low IQ, the hilarity of it is that it is in fact, me that has the low IQ. “The Big Smoke” was so labeled because we were in the city, and the buildings looked big when I looked up (remember we are living in a small country town right now), that’s it – the entirety of it. No special thought process or hidden meaning. Loved the laugh you gave me though…

      Oh and I totally think you should do a post on us nutty Australians, we love to hear how insane we are from others across the globe, keeps us motivated to “keep on keeping on.” 😉


  8. Great tour! The water playground looks fascinating.


    • thank you! I love when the government spends their money on useful and ingenious things for kids rather than a 5 million dollar sculpture or something similar. Tons of kids having tons of fun, and all for the bargain price of $0! What’s not to love!


  9. Dor says:

    Makes me want to visit Sidney! Great post and thanks so much for sharing!


  10. UponAtlas says:

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! Which Aussie state do you live in? If it’s Victoria, we can be Victoria buddies! hahah. Great post!




  11. Teresa Silverthorn says:

    “Someone needs to tell him when you are this big and jolly, incognito is not really possible.”


    I mean “Ho!”



      • Sergei says:

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  12. zorgor says:

    Thanks for the tour! 🙂 It looks very warm, which is a good thing because I just realized today that winter has definitely arrived.


  13. Elyse says:

    Got a guest room?


  14. Elyse says:

    Thanks for nominating me for the Liebster — I just noticed that…. Thank you for thinking of me.

    Ummmm, I just nominated you for 7×7 Link Award. Of course I didn’t tell you the rules in my piece. Guess I will be editing ….


    • Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to this – these holidays have me all messed up – my kiddo is on summer break and I dont have as much alone time usual and Ive been all over the place! Thank you for the award, I have a post on my list of ‘to-do’ – dont want to do it in a rush and not give it the proper attention it deserves, so please forgive me if it takes a few weeks to get it done! All the best to you and yours this holiday season Elyse!


  15. Sunshine says:

    Fab tour (especially your take on Kanye!) and congratulations on the award. 🙂


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