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At this time I have about 53 loyalty cards either crowding my keyring, overflowing my junk draw or cramming up my wallet. They are the bane of my existence for two reasons;

1. I hate all the extra crap I have to carry.

2. I cant not have them because I’m possibly missing out on a discount, a rebate check – or worse – a free set of blunt steak knives made in China, from some kind of cheap, toxic plastic and quasi-metal.

I went to the local grocery store the other day and as I was checking out, the lady asked for my loyalty card. As I searched in my bag for the card I said to her; “I’m not sure if I have one, Im not really that loyal.

Of course what I meant, is that I wasn’t that loyal to that particular store. I usually shopped at a grocer much closer to our house. I dug around in my purse a little more, and then looked up at her to find her staring at me oddly.

I immediately realized what I had just said and stupidly decided to explain myself further.

Well I am loyal, you know…..in life. I’m just not that loyal to your store. I’m really a very loyal person by nature, I mean, I’m not having affairs all over the place on my husband or anything….but, you see, all these grocery stores are so close together, and they all have a card, and there are so many cards, its so hard to keep track, and well….”

My voice trailed off as much for breathlessness as for lack of a really plausible explanation, that would clarify things, and get us on a better track.

You know that moment where you know you are rabbiting on like a raving lunatic, and you know the other person is thinking you’re a total whack-job? Yet for some reason, you can’t seem to stop yourself rambling aimlessly, in a desperate attempt to sound like a lucid person?

This was my moment.

Of course I intend to reward her for my humiliation by showing absolutely no loyalty, and never visiting that grocery store again.

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20 thoughts on “Loyalty Cards

  1. Elyse says:

    I’m with you — so so very tired of having to carry all that crap around. I feel like the stores should get together and buy me a hand truck so I can wheel around my purse!

    Great post. Thanks. I’m sending you the rest of my pet peeves so you can take care of those too. And most of them have to do with the grocery store!


    • You know someone should invent ONE card, that has your ‘loyalty number’ on it, and applies to all stores – basically, its the stores that sign up with you (after being approved by you) not the other way around – how awesome would that be?!?! I need to patent!!!!!


      • Elyse says:

        I just read yesterday (in my elevator of all places) that “they” are working on an app for cellphones to replace all the damn cards. That’s one way to get folks to hang up and pay attention to the cashier!


  2. Carrie says:

    HAHA!! I spend most of my days sounding rabbiting on like a raving lunatic! I so know where you’re coming from!

    I have a drawer kinda like that. Not 53 cards, but all kinds of crap that I just couldn’t dare part with. I mean, I’m SURE I’m gonna used that expired movie rental coupon sooner or later.

    I love it and I love that you make me feel not so alone!


    • Oh yes, those drawers, we have 1 here, and its also spilling over into the fruit bowl… the fruit bowl inherits all the crap from people are too lazy to walk over and put in the drawer. (And by ‘people’, I mean my husband.)


  3. We finally dumped all of these cards except one for the grocery store we most frequently use. No matter what “benefits” they offer, we always lost money in the long run.

    I think of these cards like I think of Vegas: they don’t exist because I’M going to come out ahead.


  4. zorgor says:

    Great post! Yes, these cards are getting out of hand.


  5. gonemobile says:

    Hey there!

    Funny, your headline urged me to bring this up. So undergoing a similar event, I did some homework and discovered the charm of storing all my loyalty cards in one place – my smartphone. Look into an app called Key Ring Rewards 🙂 Hope that helps.


  6. Arindam says:

    Nice post.
    There is no way possible to remain loyal to a specific store. Many people deal with this same thing and you brought this thought beautifully to this post.


  7. 53 cards? I don’t think I’m that loyal…


  8. mj monaghan says:

    I’m definitely okay with a smart-app for all loyalty cards. I hate those things and frequently have the wrong one when I could have gotten a discount :(!
    BTW … I’m following you now. I love your blog, and lost track of it, but stumbled back. 🙂


    • Thanks so much for the follow, I appreciate the compliment! I downloaded the app last night and cant wait to get started with it. I’ve missed out too many times also when I cant find it or remember the details – no more! I’ve been perusing your blog this morning too and having a wonderful time! You are on my follow list too now – happy holidays season to you!


  9. mark says:

    Damn loyalty cards – they make up the largest component of my wallet. To make matters worse they use our “loyalty” cards against us to gently bump up prices on the things we buy most and then promote similar, slightly less expensive items. It’s all a big conspiracy. Where’s my tinfoil hat?


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