Sneaking in the Back Door

A barnstar given to people as an apology

(Nothing says "I'm so sorry'" like an apologetic Barnstar)
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You know that friend you have that seems to disappear off the face of the earth?

You wonder where in heck she’s gone, leave a few voicemail messages, wonder if she’s alive or dead and eventually give up on the whole thing. You refer to her as some kind of urban legend in your subsequent conversations with your group of friends for years to come.

Then one day you’re at an event and she comes sneaking in the back door, quietly trying to meld into the crowd and pretend she was never missing in the first place. She doesn’t want a scene and she thinks she may have gotten away with it as she cheerfully joins in on conversations.

As you watch her, you’re annoyed. Agitated. You called for goodness sake! You left messages! She couldn’t even put themselves out for a simple reply?

You and your group of friends lock eyes and give each other a simple nod.

You all know what’s going on. You head on over to the person with a determined look on your faces, you will get an explanation and it better be a *doozy. (Secret CIA mission would probably be acceptable…or astronaut duties, coma, lost at sea, or even becoming a monk would scrape them by. That about covers it though.)

She knows it and you know it. It’s going to be addressed.

As she watches you all head her way, her palms become sweaty and she starts to rehearse in her minds what she’ll say. It all comes down to this. How they handle it will make or break the friendships. (Talk about pressure!)

I’m that person.

I wasn’t sure what the blogging equivalent of ‘sneaking in the back door’ was, but I wanted to attempt it and have you all forget I was ever gone.

I spent at least 4 excruciating minutes thinking about it, trying to figure out how to make it work.

I had nothing.


At the 5 minute mark, my mind started to wander and I ended up thinking about that special I saw in my email inbox about J Crew shipping to Australia for free. That in turn became a marathon online shopping hour at J Crew, and that got me thinking about a winter wardrobe for my son.

I was completely off course.

Trying to be clever clearly wasn’t going to work, so I had to get focused. I visualized the equivalent of the group ‘heading on over’ (and might have peed my pants a little).

I imagined Eleanor and Carrie and Elyse and maybe even UC and  SSM storming over with that ‘you owe us an explanation missy‘ look on their faces… (it bears mentioning, you people are considerably frightening when I think of you banding together in some kind of ‘pack’ mentality.)

(Just saying.)

So I decided to pull up my big-girl panties and grab the bull by the horns and address it directly. Like a grown up. One that isn’t afraid or anxious. Or worried. Or considering wearing combat gear.

“I’m just a really bad person. I’m inconsiderate, irresponsible, selfish, lacking discipline and uncaring. I have no excuse that will give me a clean slate, I’m just plain terrible… so…. is there any chance I can play again? Be one of the gang? I’ve really missed you – I have – but life just has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. Work, study, the end of summer holidays and getting kiddo back into school, planning an 8th birthday party, hubby expanding his business and a house move. 

I actually have 3 posts that I started to write but was never able to finish, I’ll use them one day. (They were good!)”

Well? Where are we at? How was it?



How about a little sucking up as well?

“On a positive note, I’m nearly all caught up on reading your posts, I’m good on UC, Carrie and most of Elyses. I haven’t even started Eleanors (this weekends treat!) and SSM and Dor’s I will be reading later this week. We are actually going on vacation (thank God) this week, so I will have plenty of time for my favorite bloggers gems of wisdom.”

C’mon that had to help, at least a little?

I’m moving into ‘pretend-I-was-never-gone’ mode, let’s see how that works…

It’s Easter this week as you probably know, and in Australia we have 4 public holidays in a row. Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The only places that are really open are restaurants and of course the shops will be open Saturday – Monday for shorter than usual hours. All other businesses are closed. It’s a favorite weekend of the year here – the only one with 4 consecutive holidays – so many people go away on vacation.

We’ll be heading to Sydney again.

Sydney is kind of like the New York of Australia. If you able to go there, why go anywhere else?

It has so many fabulous things to see and do, the weather is great this time of year,  and we can be there within a day. Other people go to the beach for vacations, we live at the beach, so to us the city is our ultimate vacation destination!

Many of you will be in church celebrating the meaning of Easter this week. I will be in a restaurant somewhere celebrating with a good-quality meal and some not-often-seen family. It will be the first time these particular family members have been together since before my son was born – 8 years ago! A nice way to celebrate such an important holiday.

My son offered up an excellent ‘modern day’ Easter story to me last night that I think I’ll share with you as I shuffle out the door with the crowd, laughing and joking as though I was always a part of the party and never really left…

My 8-year-old:

“Mummy, I learned about Lazarus and Jesus in school  today. They both died and they were wrapped up in material like mummies and their bodies were placed in a tomb, and a rock rolled in front so no one could get in there. But God rose them from the dead, and when they walked out of the tomb, people were really freaking out because they would have looked like some of those guys from **Plants vs Zombies.”

Plants vs. Zombies

Out of the mouths of babes…eh?

* Doozy is a slang word that I think is only used in Australia?? Doozy:  something extraordinary or bizarre, difficult or daunting.
** Plants vs Zombies is a computer or ipad game that has these ugly-looking zombies and mummies that you have to ‘kill’ to ‘save’ your garden from being destroyed by them. It’s a huge game amongst my 8-year-old and his friends (and my 38-year-old husband).
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32 thoughts on “Sneaking in the Back Door

  1. Oh, happy day…we missed you so! No apology necessary, life happens, and happens too quickly. So good to catch up. No, you never really left the party. Welcome back, dear friend!


  2. Elyse says:

    OK, we’ll let you come back. You (and your family) were missed in these pages.

    Just soze you knowz, you have not lost your touch!

    Happy Easter!


    • My husband loved this comment Elyse, “I dont have to do a think and people like (and miss) me! Awesome!”

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment, I will be hanging around a little more now life will have settled to some kind of ‘normal’. 😉


  3. deanjbaker says:

    good to see your blog


  4. Oh, thank goodness! It is sooo good (and a big relief) to see a post from you again. I was starting to think you had stopped writing… Have a great trip to Sydney – possibly my favourite city in the world.


    • I (hoped) that some people might be pleased to ‘see’ me, but to have it be a ‘relief’ is a real compliment! Thanks so much Katrina – and loved your post on ‘getting older’ today – though not so happy to hear that iconic “Pretty Woman” (who I modeled my year 12 ‘formal’ dress from) was 22 years ago! Eek!

      Nice to hear someone else loves Sydney as much as I do – I think you appreciate things much more after you haven’t had them fora while – I used to live there and take it totally for granted!


  5. Couple things.. 1)You were missed, but I figured it was “life” that was happening, and hoped you’d eventually return, which you did. =)

    2)Doozy.. living on the east coast of the U.S of A.- I have used / heard this here, and the meaning was the same. =)

    3)They put a “plants vs. zombies” game within a game that I have played for almost 7 years now (world of warcraft). If you beat the 5 or 6 waves of them, you win a sunflower “pet” that walks with you, and sings periodically. It’s annoyingly adorable! As in, I think she’s adorable, and she annoys the heck out of people when she start

    4)Happy Birthday to the kiddo, and Happy Easter ya’ll! My oldest child’s birthday is on April 5th, and Easter is the weekend following her birthday this year. She’s going to be 17. Yikes!

    That’s pretty much it.. I have missed reading your blog, but like I said, I hoped it was just a temporary hiatus, due to life happening. Really glad to see ya here again, no apologies needed. I myself haven’t really posted since January, because I’m just bad like that…lol.


    • Hi Meg, hope you are doing well. Glad to see Im not the only one, it alleviates the guilt!

      Thanks for the info on ‘Zombies’ – maybe I should look into it further and give it a little credit – the plant sounds adorable. Also glad you all knew what doozy was – so many people commented they had been hearing it for years… its nice to know some ‘slang’ words are still universal!

      Happy birthday to your nearly 17-year-old – how time flies!


  6. etomczyk says:

    Karyn–welcome back! I actually had checked back a couple of times to see what you were writing since you are one of my favorites, but nothing had moved past your birthday announcement, so I figured you were having one hell of a birthday party! You have been missed, my friend. As to apologizing–none needed. If I had children at home, I could never, ever, ever keep up with this blogging stuff. It is much too time consuming. I’m super impressed when young mothers contine to write and produce when they have kids at home. In my empty-nester house, WW and I both have full time jobs and I write in the evening, but we both share the cooking or eat out–end of story. You can’t do that to kids.

    Thanks for your graciousness of spending your precious time catching up on my blog. You should not have done that. I have only one theme in my writing which gets recycled through all my stories: brothers and sisters, let us love one another! If you miss it in one story, you’ll catch it in the next. 🙂

    Take care and I’m so glad you’re back.

    P.S. One of my mother’s favorite words was “doozy” and she was born in 1910.


    • Hi Eleanor
      I love that your mum used Doozy! I love that its a ‘universal slang word, so awesome!

      Your so kind to give me the ‘get out of jail free’ card! Hopefully things should settle down and get some semblance of order soon – we still have to complete the house move! (so much fun! ) I would NEVER want to miss out on ANY of your posts – each one is unique and a delight in itself and I love to read them!

      Catch’cha around the blogosphere!


  7. Teresa Silverthorn says:

    I’m a “doozy user” 😉

    Welcome back. I enjoy your writing very much. 😉


  8. societyred says:

    Well it was summer right? I look forward to more of your excellent work!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Well, Karyn don´t you mind at all! Life is for living and that´s what you`re doing. Acutally I am very happy about your saying cause my life changed totally (for the better) lately and I kind of lost my words… so that there was no blog of mine for weeks now. That´s just how it is. And I excactly know how you feel. But I trust, that people who like my writing will be with me again. As for the others…

    Therefor I welcome you back and am looking forward to read about you and your family in Australia again!

    Anyway did you notice that it´s much more fun to read blogs which are coming in once in while, quite unexpected? All these regulars are (for whatever reason) boring after a while. Too bad. But that too is just how it is. Therefor Karyn… less is sometimes more!

    Enjoy your life!


    • This was such a lovely sentiment and compliment, I’m just dying to know who you are now… ‘Anonymous’.This will keep me guessing and looking sideways at my friends, blog friends, and family for weeks!


  10. Dor says:

    I think I was just getting to know you when you disappeared. Now that you have snuck in the back door, I think I’il stick around to read some of your doozies again! Glad you’re back! 🙂


    • Yes Dor you had been around and even bestowed on me the honor of an award – I was thrilled and honored to receive it from you! I will certainly do by best to contribute more, and will be back to see what has been going on in your world (blog) this week as well! Thank you for the lovely compliment.


    • Ninucha says:

      Posted on nice anyone atndneitg the Baltimore con this weekend, these are the ideal item to print out and leave randomly on tables, chairs, bits of empty floor, etc


  11. Oh, my goodness.

    You look familiar…have we met? I know I recognize you…I just can’t place where….OH YES!

    You’re Karyn!! That sweet, sweet girl I would peek over here to see if she had written anything because I assumed my Google Reader was jacked up and not showing me her updates!

    But no. Nothing.

    But I did see you on FB and Twitter so I knew you were alive and well. So, it’s all good.

    I was thrilled to see my Google Reader IS working when I clicked on it this morning!

    We all need a break. Goodness knows…I know we all need a break sometimes. And that’s fine. Just as long as you always come back.

    I missed you and still adore you.

    And I’m always here. Waiting.

    Love you even more now. =)


    • As usual, the sarcasm is overflowing from my ‘Texan twin’ – and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

      Glad to know I have been a source of conformation of your browsers and all things connected working as they should – if nothing else… ‘:)

      Ill be around more, Lord knows you need SOMEONE to keep an eye on you around here! 🙂


    • Luzia says:

      Love this sample, loeokd through the code, got lost a few times, but it should be easier to follow when i can look at it in something other than notepad. I see a lot of stuff in here I’ve never touched before, like the vertex’s and half the calls to spritebatch.. I would love to see a full blown tutorial done out of this.. =) Otherwise, awesome..will have to play and see how i can use it.. maybe i can start another project I will get 90% done and drop.. =) hehe


  12. Welcome back. Copied this from Wikipedia for your edification. Seems the original source and meaning has been lost by the current generation.

    Duesenberg (often nicknamed “Duesy”) was originally an Auburn, Indiana based American luxury automobile company active in various forms from 1913 to 1937, most famous for its high-quality passenger cars and record-breaking racing cars.

    It was a common phrase when I was a kid, “It’s a Duesy,” meaning it was something very special. Just thought I’d share.

    I know what it’s like to drop out for awhile. sometimes there is a lack of inspiration to write anything.


    • I loved learning this – thank you! What a great piece of history! Thanks so much for taking the time to research it and post, and for the compliment. I will make efforts to be around a little more – its good for me to ‘hang out’ with my online friends!


  13. the mutha says:

    Your dad and I will forgive you…we`ll get to see you in a restaurant at Easter :):)


  14. Bird says:

    That was really


  15. […] knew I had been neglectful of course, in fact I previously dedicated a whole post to my neglect, but I didn’t realize that I was four days from the 5th month of the year and only had three […]


  16. Dima says:

    Melanie Posted on Just watched all the eipdoses in a row. Love the story, the cinematography, the stop-motion. You go, Kai. Congratulations again. Can’t wait to see what happens to Fantastica next. And congrats on the directing award.


  17. Justin says:

    Oh goodness, now I’m blnuhisg.I must say, this top is quickly becoming a fast favorite. The fit is absolutely *perfect* for my 5-year-old. I look forward to making many more!


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