Darwin Award Contender?

Following on from those ‘mentally challenged’ males who seek out danger and make stupid decisions that seem to exist en mass in Australia that I mentioned in my last post on the Anti-Venom shortage, here is a classic example of one such creature that was arrested a few weeks ago in the same state we live in.

This is an actual  police report that was released to the media about the incident:


About 3am 4 April 2013 Police were about to leave the Station when they noticed a 2011 Holden Commodore sedan driving in a westerly direction at about 10klm/h.

The driver of the vehicle has allegedly leant out of the window and given Police “the bird”. He travelled for another 50 metres and then ran out of petrol coming to a stop. 

As Police approached the 38 old male he has become abusive towards Police. The male has advanced towards Police allegedly threatening assault. He was subdued with the use of OC Spray and due to his continued struggling he was handcuffed and conveyed to the Police Station. 

The male appeared to be affected by alcohol and was subjected to a breath analysis which returned a reading in the high range. A check of his licence revealed that it had expired on the 20 March 2013.

He was bail refused to appear at the  Local Court today.

Did I laugh my ass off when I read this? You bet I did!

Giving some cops the finger is dumb. Doing it when you’re running out of gas is dumber (running that low on gas is a whole new kind of dumb), running out of gas after giving cops the finger is bad. Being agressive and abusive towards them when they approach you is epically bad.

Doing all this while drunk and driving a vehicle with no valid licence is just plain stupid.

I suspect this guy will hear about this from his friends and family for a very long time. (Plus I hope they throw the book at him).

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7 thoughts on “Darwin Award Contender?

  1. Elyse says:

    Wait a minute? Those things are DUMB? There goes my weekend plans … Oh I forgot. I’m not a guy, am I.


  2. This reminds me of a police call in Boulder Colorado: college boy trying to hit a raccoon with a stick…and missing. (It became obvious the kid had been partying a bit too much – and the raccoon knew it and just sat still)…and the call about a possible one car accident at an intersection corner…arrived to find the car on the sidewalk and the driver kicking the large boulder that stopped the car….he, too was staggering a bit)
    Fun post


  3. Carrie says:

    HAHAHAH!! No way! Giving the cops the finger. Wow.

    I just married a cop. You wouldn’t believe the stories I hear that idiots do to the cops then follow it up with, “Ahh, sorry. Didn’t realize you were a cop.”

    REALLY? That uniform, badge, gun on hip gave you no clue??


  4. girlseule says:

    Haha what idiots! And 38 years old? Please, grow up!


  5. I love hearing dumb criminal stories! If you are going to do something…at least make sure you can get away with it! He clearly didn’t have a plan.


  6. When we have an argument and she’s not looking I give my fiance the finger.


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