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The Fedex Guy

Here’s how the last 10 minutes of my life just went.

Me: (hearing a car downstairs and thinking it was my husband home for the day only to go down and find it was the Fedex guy) “Oh, you’re not my husband, I thought you were my husband.”

Fedex guy: “No I’m not, sorry to disappoint you.”

Me: “No problem, at least you have a nice big package for me, he doesn’t come with a big package.”

Fedex Guy: (looks at me like I’m a weirdo) “We’ll…ah… yeah here it is, just sign here please” (and leaves).

I was MORTIFIED…’a nice big package…he doesn’t come with a big package?’ What was I thinking?

There are days when my brain is simply not equipped to keep up with my mouth and these days are occurring much too frequently for my liking.

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