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Workplace Relations

I spent the afternoon on the phone to a friend who is having a world of problems with her boss, who she happens to be related to.

After many pointless conversations (read: arguments) she has decided to do things the “American way”. She called up the family shrink and made an appointment for the both of them. She’s decided that if she cant have a logical and reasonable discussion about business one on one she may have better luck with a therapist in the middle of the equation.

I find this whole thing very confusing and time consuming. I don’t know about you, but I’m a simple Aussie girl. In my home country if compromises are not being met and agreements can’t be reached, the negotiations are much more solution-focused:

One of us punches the other in the jaw the favor is returned and whomever throws the most effective blow is the winner.  We then resume business with the necessary changes in place.

Sure its not as classy, but it is much more cost effective and involves very little down-time.

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